FBIA Submission 2

Rock or stone is a natural substance, a solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids. For example, granite, a common rock, is a combination of the minerals quartz, feldspar and biotite. The Earth’s outer solid layer, the lithosphere, is made of rock.

Rock has been used by mankind throughout history. The minerals and metals found in rocks have been essential to human civilization.[1]

Three major groups of rocks are defined: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. The scientific study of rocks is called petrology, which is an essential component of geology.

At a granular level, rocks are composed of grains of minerals, which, in turn, are homogeneous solids formed from a chemical compound that is arranged in an orderly manner. The aggregate minerals forming the rock are held together by chemical bonds. The types and abundance of minerals in a rock are determined by the manner in which the rock was formed. Many rocks contain silica (SiO2); a compound of silicon and oxygen that forms 74.3% of the Earth’s crust. This material forms crystals with other compounds in the rock. The proportion of silica in rocks and minerals is a major factor in determining their name and properties.[2]

Rocks are geologically classified according to characteristics such as mineral and chemical composition, permeability, the texture of the constituent particles, and particle size. These physical properties are the end result of the processes that formed the rocks.[3] Over the course of time, rocks can transform from one type into another, as described by the geological model called the rock cycle. These events produce three general classes of rock: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

The three classes of rocks are subdivided into many groups. However, there are no hard and fast boundaries between allied rocks. By increase or decrease in the proportions of their constituent minerals they pass by every gradation into one another, the distinctive structures also of one kind of rock may often be traced gradually merging into those of another. Hence the definitions adopted in establishing rock nomenclature merely correspond to more or less arbitrary selected points in a continuously graduated series.[4]

Igneous rock
Main article: Igneous rock

Sample of igneous gabbro
Igneous rock (derived from the Latin word igneus meaning of fire, from ignis meaning fire) forms through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. This magma can be derived from partial melts of pre-existing rocks in either a planet’s mantle or crust. Typically, the melting of rocks is caused by one or more of three processes: an increase in temperature, a decrease in pressure, or a change in composition.

Igneous rocks are divided into two main categories: plutonic rock and volcanic. Plutonic or intrusive rocks result when magma cools and crystallizes slowly within the Earth’s crust. A common example of this type is granite. Volcanic or extrusive rocks result from magma reaching the surface either as lava or fragmental ejecta, forming minerals such as pumice or basalt.[3] The chemical abundance and the rate of cooling of magma typically forms a sequence known as Bowen’s reaction series. Most major igneous rocks are found along this scale.[2]

About 64.7% of the Earth’s crust by volume consists of igneous rocks; making it the most plentiful category. Of these, 66% are basalts and gabbros, 16% are granite, and 17% granodiorites and diorites. Only 0.6% are syenites and 0.3% peridotites and dunites. The oceanic crust is 99% basalt, which is an igneous rock of mafic composition. Granites and similar rocks, known as meta-granitoids, form much of the continental crust.[5] Over 700 types of igneous rocks have been described, most of them having formed beneath the surface of Earth’s crust. These have diverse properties, depending on their composition and the temperature and pressure conditions in which they were formed.

Sedimentary rock
Main article: Sedimentary rock

Sedimentary sandstone with iron oxide bands
Sedimentary rocks are formed at the earth’s surface by the accumulation and cementation of fragments of earlier rocks, minerals, and organisms[6] or as chemical precipitates and organic growths in water (sedimentation). This process causes clastic sediments (pieces of rock) or organic particles (detritus) to settle and accumulate, or for minerals to chemically precipitate (evaporite) from a solution. The particulate matter then undergoes compaction and cementation at moderate temperatures and pressures (diagenesis).

Before being deposited, sediments are formed by weathering of earlier rocks by erosion in a source area and then transported to the place of deposition by water, wind, ice, mass movement or glaciers (agents of denudation). Mud rocks comprise 65% (mudstone, shale and siltstone); sandstones 20 to 25% and carbonate rocks 10 to 15% (limestone and dolostone).[3] About 7.9% of the crust by volume is composed of sedimentary rocks, with 82% of those being shales, while the remainder consists of limestone (6%), sandstone and arkoses (12%).[5] Sedimentary rocks often contain fossils. Sedimentary rocks form under the influence of gravity and typically are deposited in horizontal or near horizontal layers or strata and may be referred to as stratified rocks. A small fraction of sedimentary rocks deposited on steep slopes will show cross bedding where one layer stops abruptly along an interface where another layer eroded the first as it was laid atop the first.

Metamorphic rock
Main article: Metamorphic rock

Metamorphic banded gneiss
Metamorphic rocks are formed by subjecting any rock type—sedimentary rock, igneous rock or another older metamorphic rock—to different temperature and pressure conditions than those in which the original rock was formed. This process is called metamorphism; meaning to “change in form”. The result is a profound change in physical properties and chemistry of the stone. The original rock, known as the protolith, transforms into other mineral types or other forms of the same minerals, by recrystallization.[3] The temperatures and pressures required for this process are always higher than those found at the Earth’s surface: temperatures greater than 150 to 200 °C and pressures of 1500 bars.[7] Metamorphic rocks compose 27.4% of the crust by volume.[5]

The three major classes of metamorphic rock are based upon the formation mechanism. An intrusion of magma that heats the surrounding rock causes contact metamorphism—a temperature-dominated transformation. Pressure metamorphism occurs when sediments are buried deep under the ground; pressure is dominant, and temperature plays a smaller role. This is termed burial metamorphism, and it can result in rocks such as jade. Where both heat and pressure play a role, the mechanism is termed regional metamorphism. This is typically found in mountain-building regions.[2]

Depending on the structure, metamorphic rocks are divided into two general categories. Those that possess a texture are referred to as foliated; the remainders are termed non-foliated. The name of the rock is then determined based on the types of minerals present. Schists are foliated rocks that are primarily composed of lamellar minerals such as micas. A gneiss has visible bands of differing lightness, with a common example being the granite gneiss. Other varieties of foliated rock include slates, phyllites, and mylonite. Familiar examples of non-foliated metamorphic rocks include marble, soapstone, and serpentine. This branch contains quartzite—a metamorphosed form of sandstone—and hornfels.[2]

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  1. last month i tested positive and my cd4 count is 391 and i have a 3yrs old child i was negative when i was pregnant so i am confussed about my cd4 count

  2. Mark Foote, I can sit for an hr without any pain on my ankles or knees, but I just don’t find the value or point in practice anymore, especially in an organization.

  3. I have just started with my treatment Atroiza on the 28 of may 2013. I take mine at night The first two days I felt numb and dizzy now I have a problem with sleeping, I would sleep for a few hours and find that 2-3hours I’m wide awake.

  4. I read once ( about 8 years ago). That technology is a great tool, but it wont replace learning fundamentals. Some of these kids never had to write notes. Different world we live in now huh?

  5. Sticking with my theory that the brutal winter left the female unable to produce a viable egg. The adults would be adoring and doting over a fledged juvenile and the last several months have shown no evidence of it. Basing this on my own observances, which spans 4 years now. This time of year the adult vulture will still regurgitate food and care for its fledgling, well into December.

  6. Best brownies I ever made. I was feared and revered the day I brought these in to the office. Not only is the caramel and peanut butter the best addition to a brownie you could ever imagine, but the brownie recipe all by itself is amazing!

  7. Brad, don’t let this get you down. They give you flak because you’re honest and you tell it like it is. Everyone who ever does gets crap. Howard Stern and The Ramones, for examples, went through all kinds of mudslinging and hate campaigns against them because they dared to challenge bull$#!. You’ve helped me immensely and you’ll always have my support.

  8. For the love of god please leave them off. They are loud and annoying and make it hard to hear announcements and stop notifications. If you do turn them back on at least make them silent.

  9. captainhardshell, you seem to enjoy idolizing Brad Warner. I bet you don’t really live a fulfilling life outside of sitting endlessly on the cushion, huh? I bet you enjoy idolizing your sensei too.

  10. I have started Tribus a week ago , I have experienced few minor side effects like tongue numbness, dizzy, vomiting but it only lasted for 2 days now I am feeling much better than before the only thing I am worried about is permarnent side effects like fat distributions etc but so far so good

  11. hello! I have a few questions, can I use a salted caramel recipe in place of the Kraft caramels? also I’d worry the caramel would maybe burn, would it be such a bad idea to bake the top layer of brownie on it’s own and just stick on top of the peanut butter and caramel while it’s still warm and just let it cool like that? just a thought, I’m new to the homemade caramel thing so I need as much tips as I can get lol, thanks for your time!

  12. Transit TV generated very little revenue for Metro – maybe the cost of a bus a year. I would rather pay an extra five or ten cents per trip than listen to that annoyance. Good riddance, even if I did enter a contest occasionally.

  13. Please help. Im trying to fall pregnant and on Alluvia and Lamzid. I cant keep anything down but its the first week. Am i going to be fine or should i worry. I also need to know am i getting medicated or is the medication ging with the vomit

  14. As with any symptoms, this is something to discuss with your doctor. Some people who are diagnosed HIV positive when their CD4 count is already very low, have nerve damage caused by HIV. This is called neuropathy. Another cause is the HIV drug stavudine (d4T).

  15. I started tribuss two weeks back and im still taking my vitamin supplements. I just want to know if i must stop taking vitamins or continue while taking tribuss?

  16. I am HIV positive and my partner is negative, i was tested +ve in 2011 and I’m on ARVs i still want to have a child i want to do it naturally ,is it safe to my partner and the baby ?

  17. Hi i started treatment at 32 weeks of my pregnancy and have delivered an HIV negative baby, so now my baby has been coughing for four days, i took him to the Dr and he said he is having pneumonia, what is the possible cause of these and is it possible for an HIV negative baby to have such disease? Is there a cure for these disease?

  18. 22 march 2013 i tested my blood is positive and then my freind told me for elisa test in that test is hiv is reaction test valua is 3.07 and cut of valua is 0.09 please help me can is there treatment

  19. Hi, I found out I’m hiv+ early this year when I was pregnant. I checked my CD4 count again two months after I gave birth and it was 896, is it ok to take Atroiza?

  20. Hi, I started using Tribuss about 6 months ago, in May 2013, as my CD4 count was 250 and I developed Shingles. But I am losing weight and I saw a nutritionalist who advise me to eat healthy. I have a healthy appetite and eat three full meals a day plus snack on fruit inbetween but I have lost approximately 20 kg. I am concerned because I do not want to leave my ARV but I do not have a partner. I do not have pain anywhere in my body and I am very energetic. Please advise.

  21. Hi I’m hiv+ and I’m using atrozia but the problem is a have noticed that my face is always itchy nd I have like a rash covering the my face. Please help because I have been to the doctors and nothing is helping.

  22. Hi i started treatment at 32 weeks of my pregnancy and have delivered an HIV negative baby, so now my baby has been coughing for four days, i took him to the Dr and he said he is having pneumonia, what is the possible cause of these and is it possible for an HIV negative baby to have such disease? Is there a cure for these disease?

  23. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and I’ve been living positively since then. I started taking tribuss last year August since my cd4 count had dropped to 250, I went for a re-test in November but the the test came back and my cd4 count was not increasing. ive never been on arv’s so im stressing now cause of this. my medical aid seems to think I havent been taking my medication nd im afraid they might cancel my treatment. what should I do plz advise

  24. I love this! More so because you said you were no longer buying the phone and he has to. It really shows that since THEY have to buy, they can actually live without it. I refuse to buy the same thing twice. So if my son (who is only 6) breaks something then he is just poo out of luck!!!

  25. I dreamed that I was walking next to a beautiful, huge chestnut horse. As we were getting closer to the stables I saw a man hitting a horse, also a chestnut, the horse was on it’s hind legs trying to pull free. Then suddenly the horse lay down on it’s side. Blood was flowing from it’s side. I was shocked at what I saw and started running towards the stables, shouting at the man to stop and saw that there were 3 horse’s lying on their sides with blood streaming out the wounds. When I reached the horses I was relieved to see that they were stil alive and that I could still help them. Then I woke up.

  26. Hey Nice i added the class temporerly first and i would add the function later .Do you have any idea that in copyscape it showing the code at the bottom of Comments.

  27. My viral load is 856 for over 3years I tested +, I am still on routine drugs, when will I start d main + drugs… Again Hw can I get a + man for marriage course am of age nw,am about 25+. I cannot change d situation’so I have no option than to accept it…

  28. Im 50, I found I had HIV , 3 years ago. I take my medication , exercise. Etc but my cd4 seems to have stuck at 144 , will the HIV become aids

  29. I feel like this quiz needs to be more in depth and have more then two answers. I got the butterfly but, I didn’t feel comfortable with some of the choices because they’re too limited. This is a nice resource tool to find the meanings of different totems though

  30. Did you use the peanut butter chips? Was the brownie cooked for the recommended time before you put the peanut butter chips on it? Did you use all of the caramel?

  31. I think we have given enough attention to Yolanda and its aftermath and the side issues of politics in the relief operations. It’s time we talk about other national issues. Nakakasawa na ito. Get me out of here.

  32. Absolutely love this effortlessly chic mix!!! Also I think it fits your personality and style just perfectly! And I’m so jealous of this warm weather, we are so tired of snow and cold here in New York….

  33. This is not a good idea, unless you normally sleep during the day and are awake at night. The recommendation is so that you are asleep when the drug levels are highest a few hours after taking Tribuss. If you take it during the day, you are likely to feel drowsy, dizzy and disorientated.

  34. Why not try to talk about this with your husband. It is difficult to comment otherwise. If your husband is on treatment there are lots of studies that also shows HIV is difficult to transmit. This may help if either of your are worried about intimacy because of HIV.

  35. Transit TV was one of those “let’s talk about it for with endless useless meetings and discussions about it at taxpayer expense for decades” which is what people wanted back in the 1980s, and just when they got finally to do it by the 2000s, the technology has moved to where people started having their own smartphones and entertainment devices.

  36. I dreamt of a dark horse Riding through town freely. In the next scene a man with dark long hair came riding through town on the same horse. They were riding powerfully and so fast they were almost flying. I was told it was the mans birthday and that was why he was riding the horse.

  37. The idol reminds me of one of those carnival games where you knock over a target with a ball or an air gun and it falls back on its hinges, and then you win a 7 foot tall pink teddy bear. No solution here, just a comment, did that game have a name?

  38. Hi, am on tribuss, my cd4 is 798 and my viral load is undetected, recently i went for a 6 day holiday and forgot to take my arvs,i started dem immediately i came back which is on the 7 th day but now every morning i have nausea,i feel like am pregnant but am not because i sterelized and having my periods,is it beacos i stopped for 6 days and will i go back to normal or do i need to change this drug, please help,am frustrated

  39. Why not try to talk about this with your husband. It is difficult to comment otherwise. If your husband is on treatment there are lots of studies that also shows HIV is difficult to transmit. This may help if either of your are worried about intimacy because of HIV.

  40. No music should be playing on those screens. It should be transit related. Like they do on the CAT transit in Las Vegas. It shows a diagram with a all the stops thar are coming up displayed. It calls out points of interest. Everything related w the commuters route info.

  41. Please help. Im trying to fall pregnant and on Alluvia and Lamzid. I cant keep anything down but its the first week. Am i going to be fine or should i worry. I also need to know am i getting medicated or is the medication ging with the vomit

  42. Any help ,i started taking atroiza in june while i was pregnant and have now delivered my HIV negative baby, so i would like to know that is this Atroiza only for pregnant woman? Am i going to be switched to a new treatment because im no longer pregnant? Please help.

  43. I dreamt of a dark horse Riding through town freely. In the next scene a man with dark long hair came riding through town on the same horse. They were riding powerfully and so fast they were almost flying. I was told it was the mans birthday and that was why he was riding the horse.

  44. I have had a recurring dream growing up in this dream my grandparents home is sold and the new neighbors are moving in I go to the street in front of my house to try to see who is moving in (by the way my grandparents were both still alive at this point and lived at the end of my street) as I get to the end of my lawn I catch the sent of a girl who at the very same moment catches my sent and we are both transformed into wolves I run down the street and we meet her family takes us inside and we run into a room and lay with eachother they get my parents and explain what happened and I go home with my parents go to sleep and turn back to a human in my sleep the next day in the dream I go to visit as a human and she is at the top of the stairs in a native American wedding dress I look down and my clothes have changed to match hers I walk up the stairs meet her and kiss and that’s when I wake up any thoughts

  45. Six months back I tested Hiv and the results was negetive,one day ago my girlfriend went to test and the result was positive I am afraid to test again becouse we have been doing unprotected sex. please help

  46. How do I delete the words “Archives for” in my categories? It only shows up in the first page of a category but not the succeeding pages. “Archives for” also appears in the search results. So instead of just showing “Japanese Cars” it will say “Archives for Japanese Cars”.

  47. i live with my partiner almost five years both of us we went for test, she was tested hiv positive and i was tested negative when went back after two months it was the same. Than im not understanding this at all?

  48. Hi im pregnant and i’ve found that im positive and i told my partner he went for test and he tested negative but we continue having sex without a condom and my CD4 count is high but im taking the AZT what will happen to our baby im worried.

  49. I have strted taking these pills together with pills nurse said it will prevent me from being affected with TB on the 29th July 2013. All I’m. Feeling is this ugly taste under my tongue I hate taking them. Everything in the morning everything is annoying me I have runny tummy, I get tired. Dear I hate them. Will these feelings ever go away.?

  50. My boyfriend and don’t use condom at all and m positive and his negative,I did nt infect him for the past 3years when I was not on treatment so now that m on treatment chances are zero to infect him?because that’s what he says

  51. Just found out that Im HIV positive last month and my cd4 is 292 doctor said I must start using the ARV and I had a miscargde in Feb so I did a papsmear results came back saying i have lites dots of cancer with infections but the doctor said the cancer can dissapear but its depending on my health Im scared to take the treatment will I be able to have kids again

  52. We are a married couple and I am pregnant. My husband is HIV positive and I am not. My worry is he is still not wanting to use condoms.

  53. Transit TV is pointless. It just adds noise to the environment and doesn’t help riders. Changing the screens to show bus wait times for upcoming transfer points would be very useful, especially given the design of the LA bus system.

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  55. I am hiv negative and my husband is hiv positive , and now I need a child , and my status I wanna keep it as negative ,what can I do? Sperm wash is its clean -hiv negative sperm? Tell me more .I really need a child , I ve got one whose hiv negative , I don’t want to adopt and please help

  56. Transit TV was one of those “let’s talk about it for with endless useless meetings and discussions about it at taxpayer expense for decades” which is what people wanted back in the 1980s, and just when they got finally to do it by the 2000s, the technology has moved to where people started having their own smartphones and entertainment devices.

  57. Atroiza and Atripla both contain the same active drugs, just made by different manufacturers. You should not noticed any difference between them. Please note that we are not doctors.

  58. am also going to start on my odimune today and am so glad i read your comments they made me feel so betterv cause i was also confussed and had so many questions that you guys unswered for me thank you

  59. Hi dr, please help as me and my fiance are planning to have a child but the problem my fiance is positive and I am negative. He is taking his ARVs and his CD4 count is increasing. He said he spoke to one of the nurses in clinic and he was told that he can do unprocteted sex as he is CD4 count is increasing. I am really scared. What if me and the child that we planning gets an infection. Pls help as we really desparate for a child.

  60. Hi, I started using Tribuss about 6 months ago, in May 2013, as my CD4 count was 250 and I developed Shingles. But I am losing weight and I saw a nutritionalist who advise me to eat healthy. I have a healthy appetite and eat three full meals a day plus snack on fruit inbetween but I have lost approximately 20 kg. I am concerned because I do not want to leave my ARV but I do not have a partner. I do not have pain anywhere in my body and I am very energetic. Please advise.

  61. Hi im a few wks preg. Initally before this i was on truvada & efivarenz now im on truvada and alluvia. I have terrible nausea and always feel hungry or lightheaded are these the side effects you are supposed to feel.

  62. I had a dream of where I was racing on a beautiful brown horse. At first I had to catch up to it but once I did, I easily jumped on it’s back and we rode together. It was a smooth ride and quick. Although I didn’t win the race, I wasn’t upset. I was in awe at the experience I had. Is this a positive dream?

  63. Since I have a thing for blue and white, I love, love, love that shirt. And now I want it to be summer, so I can wear my own denim baseball cap. Oh well.

  64. Cosmic, I often thank the universe that I am not coming up in college now. At 62, I am still looking for work, and I still believe the same things you do about the toxicity of our society. It all seems pretty pointless when what we study doesn’t seem to relate to a job that will help better the world, I agree. Maybe I’m fooling myself when I say that I assumed my job all along was to experience the truth that the great religions all describe and then find a way to contribute to making that experience more common in our society. That made the work world my second job, as it were, and a lot of places want more commitment than that; I’ve met great people who were willing to employ me regardless, so it’s not hopeless.

  65. Hi Esha, I hope Trey reads this too. It’s so funny he knows I blog about him sometimes, but he says he’s not interested. Maybe someday. I actually want him to help me with it. We’ll see.

  66. In my present and past home I have had coyotes come into my yard in broad daylight. Non-aggressively. I have no small animals. This morning it was a very young pup who was very timid and gentle. I live in city limits and it was trapped on the inside of my chain link. I still have no idea how it got there. Animal control assured me that they would take it unharmed to a out of city limit area. I feel some sort of connection with this animal, which is why I searched the meaning online. Any comments or ideas as to why the coyote literally lands in my lap frequently??

  67. hi I’m starting my atrioza today. Should I take it before food or after food,is it true that with it u will also have bad dreams,seeing things that other people don’t see,vomit,have a rash, and loose weight?

  68. Hi. I’m HIV positive my CD4 count is 939 i found out in July 2014. I have been taking vitams since i found out i was positive but this month they also gave me nucotrim to take two tablets ones a day. They gave packets for four months. I want know is it ok to drink nucotrim for that long or will i be exceeding the limit.

  69. captainhardshell, you seem to enjoy idolizing Brad Warner. I bet you don’t really live a fulfilling life outside of sitting endlessly on the cushion, huh? I bet you enjoy idolizing your sensei too.

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